Crystal Instruments exhibited a highly advanced new set of tools called “EDM Modal”, at IMAC 2019 in Orlando, Florida. IMAC XXXVII maintained a broader focus and chose this year’s theme as “Predictive Modeling for Engineering Design and Decision Making.” The conference took on a note of focusing more on general-purpose data acquisition while still maintaining a strong academic focus on the principles of modal analysis.

Crystal Instruments featured the newly implemented MIMO Stepped Sine testing in addition to the new frequency domain curve fitting method, Poly-X. Crystal Instruments’ focus was on Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA), which featured recent additions of Single/Multiple reference testing methods using either impact hammer or modal shaker(s) to carry out the modal tests. With the new addition of a MIMO Stepped Sine testing method, the toolbox is now complete, allowing end-users to choose from a wide range of excitation methods to fulfill their testing needs. The highly efficient and neatly designed curve fitter of Poly-X pushes Crystal Instruments’ EDM Modal software to an even higher level of capability for identifying modal parameters.

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