How to Choose a Vibration Controller in 2016

A Crystal Instruments Spider-80X vibration controller performing environmental tests

A Crystal Instruments Spider-80X vibration controller performing environmental tests

For environmental test labs, a vibration controller is a long-term investment that will have a big impact on your company and customers so careful selection is key.  Important factors to consider for production and environmental testing include hardware architecture, controller application software, measurement accuracy, and professional report generation.

If your test requires a single channel or multiple channels, the below criteria will help you to check the hardware specifications and controller application. (High channel count systems which exceed 16 channels will be addressed separately)

Consider the following when choosing a vibration controller in 2016:

Hardware Specifications:

  • Dual 24-bit A/D per channel for high degree of accuracy in measurement, and dynamic range (Patented by Crystal Instruments)
  • Ability to run the controller independently of a PC (Black Box mode) and PC Tethered mode
  • Highly Modular architecture

Software Specifications:

  • Random testing where the device under test is subjected to true random noise with a precisely shaped spectrum with either Gaussian or non-Gaussian amplitude statistics.
  • Sine testing which provides a spectrally pure undistorted Sine wave and a high control dynamic range.
  • Classical Shock testing which provides precise, real-time,  control and analysis of transient time domain motion. Classical pulse shapes include half-sine, haversine, terminal-peak sawtooth, initial-peak saw tooth, triangle, rectangle, Sine Burst, and trapezoid.

Easy-Of-Use User Interface:

  • Software and hardware utilizes many safety features to ensure reliable closed-loop vibration control
  • Ease-of use interface permits a task to be completed a quickly and allows users to present their data exactly as desired.
  • Signals can be dragged and dropped in the unlimited number of display formats
  • Saved data can be reviewed and compared with data from multiple runs.

Report Generation:

  • Users have access to an unlimited number of report templates and each template has different options customized to customer needs
  • Many different templates can be easily created to generate professional reports
  • Data can be exported to different file formats, ex. Excel Spreadsheet


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