CoCo-80X Vibration Data Collector

CoCo-80X Handheld Vibration Data Collector with Touchscreen

CoCo-80X Handheld Vibration Data Collector with Touchscreen

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The CoCo-80X operates in either Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) or Vibration Data Collector (VDC) mode. Each working mode has its own user interface and navigation structure. VDC mode is dedicated to machine vibration data collection, analysis, and trending. It provides both route based data collection and onsite measurement functions.

The route based data collection mode includes: overall readings, time waveform, spectrum and demodulated spectrum. Onsite measurement mode conducts following test in additional to the data collection functions: bump test, coast-down/ run-up, and balancing.

Crystal Instruments’ data collection system consists of the portable CoCo-80X data collector and the Engineering Data Management (EDM) software, designed specifically for use in industrial and manufacturing plants to acquire, analyze, and maintain data related to improving and optimizing the reliability and performance of rotating machinery.

Route Based Condition Monitoring
Measurement Channels: 1 or 3 channels (tri-axis) with tachometer enabled or disabled Route Collection control: Easy navigation from the UI level to routes. View or hold live signals, review measured record, previous measurement entry, next measurement entry, previous point, next point, point and route management.

Demodulated Spectrum
Available in both route collection and onsite mode Demodulation Bandwidth: 24 bandwidth options ranging from 125 Hz – 1.44 kHz, to 32 kHz – 46.08 kHz.

The following measurements can be made in the Order Tracking option: Raw time streams, real-time order tracks and order spectra, narrow band RPM spectra and fixed band RPM spectra, overall RPM spectrum, and order tracks with phase relative to tachometer signals.

Rotor Balancing
Enables users to correct the imbalance without dismantling the machine. It is possible to balance rotors of any size with either 1 or 2 place balancing. Using the multiple channel option, parallel measurements on 2 sensors are possible, resulting in a faster, safer, and more accurate procedure. The user interface allows stopping and starting balancing as needed and to repeat any single operation without running the whole procedure.

Software Features

Product Specifications:

The CoCo-80X is equipped with 2, 4, or 8 software configurable input channels through BNC connectors. The removable SD card can record 8 channels of streaming signals simultaneously (up to 102.4 kHz) while computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.

Inputs: 2, 4, 6, 8 channels
Up to 8 BNC connectors, built-in IEPE current source, single-ended or differential, AC, DC coupling, 160 dBFS dynamic range, dual 24-bit A/D converters, input range ±20 Volts

1 LEMO connector, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converter

1 LEMO connector: Tachometer Type 1 and 2 share one LEMO connector and can be selected by the software Interface

100 Base-T Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPS, Mini-USB 2.0, SD Card, Audio input and output, CAN bus

Maximum Sampling Rate
102.4 kHz simultaneously for all inputs

7” color TFT WVGA display 800x480 resolution with P-Cap touch screen, 1300 NITS

229 x 172 x 65.5 mm (L X W X H)

1.96 kg including battery

Power Input: DC power 15 V (±10%)/3A
Max Power Consumption: 14 watts, 8 watts with LCD off
Battery Operations: 6-8 hours

Typical Real-time Analysis Functions
Math (+,-,*, /), integration, differentiation, FFT, averaging, windowing, auto power spectra, cross spectra, FRF, coherence, real-time filters, RMS, octave, order tracking, swept sine, limiting, alarm/abort and more.

Vibration Data Collection Functions
RMS, true-RMS, overall-RMS, waveforms, spectrum, demodulated spectrum, trending and alarm, 2 plane balancing. Measure acceleration, velocity, displacement and tachometer.

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