Premium Modal Analysis (with Poly-X)

EDM Modal Premium Modal Analysis includes all the features of Standard and Advanced Modal Analysis. On top, it provides Poly-X, which is the poly reference Least Square Complex Frequency domain (p-LSCF) modal analysis algorithm to curve fit the FRF matrix from the MIMO FRF testing results. This frequency domain modal parameter estimator is more efficient and neat on the stability diagram.  

Premium Modal Analysis.png

The selection of the curve fitting method, Time Domain or Poly-X, is available from the EDM Modal software. It applies to either single reference or poly reference FRF data sets.


  • Includes all features of Standard and Advanced Modal Analysis, plus,

  • Poly-X - Poly reference Least Square Frequency Domain (p-LSCF) curve fitting

  • Neat Stability Diagram with emphasis on stable poles