Spider-81 Vibration Controller Features: Time-Stream Recording Before and During Tests

The Spider-81 Vibration Test Control System has the ability to continuously record any or all the the input channels, as well as the generated drive output signal. This is important when a record is needed of the entire vibration test. Recording is activated by a button in the Control Panel.

The Rec. button in the control panel starts and stops time-stream recording.

Sometimes, it is important for the recording to include not only the activity that occurs during the test but also what happens before the test. Turning on the shaker and amplifier system may generate transients that could affect the test specimen. EDM, our vibration test controller software, has a Check Only mode that allows the input channels to be monitored before actually starting the test. Time-stream recording is available in the Check Only mode.

Check Only mode allows the input channels to be monitored, and recorded, before starting a test

Recording in Check Only mode has another great feature: the test can be started without interrupting the recording. This allows continuous, uninterrupted recording from before the test starts all the way through to completion. Pressing the Run button while in the Check Only mode will go right in to the test.