Crystal Instruments Expands Customer Test Capabilities with High Speed Cameras

Crystal Instruments has enhanced Vibration Testing through interfacing their Spider Vibration Control product family with the very latest commercially available High Speed Cameras.

This new capability enables Vibration users to achieve the following

  • Visualize Dynamic behavior of the test article
  • Visually Detect potentially damaging resonances on components without the timely process of surveying these resonances by using the traditional method of monitoring accelerometers
  • Combine the Video recording with data measurements to allow engineers and customers to analyse results from a technical and non-technical perspective
  • Ensures that reports and presentations can be clearly understood across project teams
  • Allows customers to have a more detailed history of previous tests performed and be able to play back the results and learn from past studies.

For more information on how Crystal Instruments can expand your testing capabilities, please visit  or contact THP Systems at