Vibration Institute’s Annual Training Conference 2017 - Rochester, NY

The Vibration Institute’s Annual Training Conference is often referred to as offering ‘second to none’ education in vibration analytics and is considered the place to be for vibration and condition monitoring experts. As such, it has also become an excellent networking opportunity for industry elites, manufacturers, and incoming young professionals. With today’s ever accelerating changes in technology, beyond networking, it is also crucial to stay up to date on vibration analysis techniques with the most capable and usable equipment.

At VI ATC 2017 held in Rochester, NY, exhibitors had a chance to showcase the latest and greatest technology for machine condition monitoring and rotor analytics. This intimate exhibition hosted approximately 30 provider companies and a couple hundred attendees. Crystal Instruments demonstrated the brand new CoCo-80X handheld data recorder and vibration monitor, receiving much positive feedback on the sleek and colorful touchscreen as well as the lighting fast dual-core Da-Vinci Series ARM+DSP Proces­sor. Offering a diverse collection of hardware and software solutions for data acquisitionvibration control, and modal analysis, CI also shared the Spider-80X dynamic signal analyzer geared at exemplifying the recently released EDM Modal software package.

Crystal Instruments was also featured within one of the teaching lectures given by the industry’s own Tom Walter in his overview of Rotor Dynamics, providing analytical examples in a ramp up, ramp down scenario with CI’s Order Tracking application:

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