EDM 7.1 Release by Crystal Instruments

A new software release of EDM 7.1 is now available from Crystal Instruments. This new updated version of Engineering Data Management Software (EDM) provides users with convenient improvements and enhancements to the vibration control software (VCS). EDM 7.1 also supports the elegant and powerfully updated new versions of Spider hardware.


Spider-81, brand new exterior and improved performance.

Spider-81B, brand new exterior and improved performance.

Spider-80X, improved performance.


Benefits of the new hardware:

  • Dynamic range goes up to 160 dB

  • Lower noise for charge sensors

  • Input protection voltage increased to 220V

  • Compliant with CE electrical safety and EMI shielding standards

  • Elegant and modern updated exterior (Spider-81/81B)

  • Indented channel connectors prevent collision and damage (Spider-81/81B)

Dynamic Range.png
Dynamic Range Random.png

EDM 7.1 can be downloaded through the CI Support Site.

To purchase, contact a sales representative or distributor near you.