EDM 8.0 Release

Crystal Instruments is pleased to announce the release of EDM 8.0, the most advanced featured version of Engineering Data Management software. This new release of EDM supports exciting new hardware systems, convenient new software features, and helpful online resources.  


New Introductions:

  • Introducing Spider-80M (Up to 8 Outputs for MIMO VCS or Modal Analysis)

  • Introducing Spider-80Ti (temperature measurements)   

  • Introducing Spider-80SGi v2 (general purpose acquisition device with strain gage)

  • Introducing Spider-101 (temperature and humidity controller)           

  • Introducing 16 channel CoCo-90X

  • Introducing upgraded hardware with 160 dB Dynamic Range

  • EDM THV: Temperature, Humidity, and Vibration Control Software

  • EDC (Embedded Device Controller)

  • Multiple instances of EDM VCS: run multiple VCS tests from one interface

  • Introducing EDM MIMO Shock Control test

  • Introducing Multi-Resolution Spectrum Analysis and Control for Random Control

  • Introducing “Advanced Notching” in Random

  • Introducing Statistics Time History Signals in EDM VCS

  • Introducing Power System Stabilizer on CoCo-80X

  • Introducing Sound Power on CoCo-80X

  • Introducing EDM Cloud: monitor VCS & DSA live online (https://cloud.go-ci.com)

  • Introducing CI Store: purchase and manage licenses online (https://license.go-ci.com/)

New Features and Major Improvements in VCS (Vibration Control System):

  • Improved notching in Sine

  • Copy/Paste Breakpoint table or Input Channel table from Excel

  • Notching when level is less than 100%

  • Added Decayed Sine type to TTH profile and provided frequency or angular frequency options

  • Added Sine Burst type to TTH profile

  • Shock test supports MIL-STD 810H

New Features and Major Improvements in DSA (Dynamic Signal Analysis):

  • Introducing Variable Sampling Rate in EDM DSA (Dynamic Signal Analysis): combine devices to create one system with synchronized data acquisition

  • Multi-resolution Spectrum in FFT Analysis

  • Noise Criteria Curves

  • Introducing support for rosette configuration in strain measurements

  • Configurable Phase Difference between the output channels

  • Customizable strings for alarm limit conditions

New Features and Major Improvements in EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis):

  • MIMO Stepped Sine Testing

  • Poly-X Modal Parameter Estimation Method

  • Correlation Feature

  • Geometry

  • Online ODS


New Features and Major Improvements in Post Analyzer:

  • Sound Power Calculation in Post Analyzer

  • Signal Re-scaling Tool


Improved General Features:

  • Improved robustness to prevent data package loss in long duration tests

  • Enhanced high channel count communication

  • Supports up to 100m CAT6 Ethernet cables

  • Ability to create markers at the cursor locations

For more details regarding the EDM 8.0 release, please download the release notes or contact Crystal Instruments at info@go-ci.com.