The Spider-100 Environmental Testing Solution

(Integrated Controller for Temperature, Humidity, and Vibration Control)

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Spider-100 Controller

The Spider-100 controller by Crystal Instruments is the control engine for environmental test THV chambers. (THV stands for Temperature, Humidity, and Vibration.) Based on the proven platform of Crystal Instruments Spider vibration controller, the Spider-100 precisely controls all aspects of a combined temperature/humidity and vibration test regime to meet testing requirements in various industries, e.g. automobile, aerospace, aviation, electronics, and military.

The Spider-100 is specifically designed to perform all types of tests where the DUT (device under test) is subjected to simultaneous vibration, temperature cycling, and variable humidity, including Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) and Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT). The Spider-100 controls temperature, humidity, and vibration harmoniously in a chamber and shaker system, which includes external heating/cooling and humidification/de-humidification systems. The communication between numerous devices is optimized by the Spider-100 in an integrated design to achieve high control accuracy. The Spider-100 provides eight voltage input channels and two shaker drive outputs for linear shaker control. When a pneumatic hammer table is used, the controller commands the RMS vibration level via its 4-20 mA current-loop output to the table’s pressure control valve. There is a total eight 4-20 mA analog out channels offered on the Spider-100. Additionally, the Spider-100 provides ten 4-20 mA analog input channels for humidity, various types of sensors, and eight temperature input channels for 3-wire RTD or J/K-type thermocouples. Thirty relay control channels control the heaters, compressors, valves, and air circulation system of the chamber. Thirty-two channels of programmable digital I/O serve as communication channels to other instruments and for user-defined applications.

Software Features

Product Specifications

  • Analog Inputs: 8 BNC connectors per front-end, voltage or IEPE, single-ended or differential, AC or DC coupling, 160 dBFS dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters, range ±20 volts, up to 102.4 kHz fs per channel

  • Channel Phase Match: Better than ±1.0 degree up to 20 kHz among all channels

  • Analog Outputs: 2 BNC connectors per front-end, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters. ±10 volts

  • Isolated Digital Inputs: 24 channels (25-pin female D-SUB)

  • Isolated Digital Outputs: 8 channels (25-pin female D-SUB)

  • Temperature Inputs: 8 channels (3-pin screwed terminal), support 3-wire RTD (-200~+850C, ±0.2C) and K type thermocouple (-200~+1250C, ±0.5C)

  • Relay Control: 30 channels (37-pin D-SUB)

  • 4-20mA Analog Inputs: 10 channels (2-pin screwed terminal)

  • 4-20mA Analog Outputs: 8 channels (4-pin screwed terminal)

  • On-Board Memory: 4 GB non-volatile flash memory

  • Dimensions: 440 x 320 x 90 mm

  • Excellent Heat Dissipation: no cooling fan

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