Automotive NVH Seminar 2019 in Birmingham, UK - March 13th 2019


Crystal Instruments’ partner AcSoft provided a helpful Automotive NVH Seminar on March 13, 2019 at the National Conference Center in Birmingham, UK. AcSoft is a valued partner and distributor of Crystal Instruments data acquisition solutions in the United Kingdom.

The focus of this seminar was measurement and analysis solutions for the automotive NVH industry. Participants included representatives from the leading automotive industry players in the UK, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the seminar.

The Automotive NVH Seminar provided conferences and workshops focused on measurement and analysis solutions dedicated to the automotive industry. Participants were allowed to interact with and try out Crystal Instruments Dynamic Signal Analyzer products during the workshops. The rugged and handheld CoCo-80X vibration data collector and dynamic signal analyzer was on display along with the convenient Spider-20 four channel analyzer.  

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