Automatically Run Pre-Defined Vibration Tests Using Digital Inputs

Combined vibration testing is gaining prominence due to the advancement of test equipment technology driven by the need to accomplish simultaneous testing of multiple measurement quantities.  Vibration testing combined with temperature, humidity or a combination of other quantities has enabled the creation of test environments closely resembling typical scenarios in which DUTs operate.

Vibration testing for the automotive industry, including the testing of batteries for electric vehicles, requires combined testing with temperature and humidity to ensure reliability and safety during operation. Crystal Instruments’ range of products have evolved along with the necessities of the industry to support combined testing for a wide range of measurement quantities.  

Another critical feature of combined testing is the ability to start a specific vibration test when a specified level is reached for temperature or humidity. Typically, several vibration tests must run at different temperatures. To achieve the most optimal performance, these vibration tests should start automatically when the temperature reaches a certain level. The variations in size, structure and the properties of the DUTs results in uncertainty for accurately determining the time required to reach the specified temperature. For this reason, scheduled vibration tests with fixed time intervals between vibration tests may not be the most optimum solution to accommodate a wide range of test articles.

Crystal Instruments introduced a solution to address this scenario in an effective way by starting a specific vibration test when a designated digital input is received.

Users can configure the vibration chambers to send digital signals when a temperature or humidity level is reached. Users can configure multiple tests on the Spider system and EDM software, with each test assigned to a digital Input using a convenient interface.

manage spider system.png
Spider Module Details.png

By selecting the option to run the pre-test automatically, users can completely automate tests to start when a specific digital input is received and stop at the completion of a schedule.

With the help of this feature, the Crystal Instruments Spider system can pair with any temperature chamber to start multiple vibration tests. The Spider system is also the ideal choice for testing scenarios requiring multiple vibration tests that are automated using digital inputs.